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New report on retirement village industry by JLL

JLL have noted that the following industry features have been
impacting the retirement village industry in 2014 and early 2015.
• Robust landbanking and development pipeline generation
• Notable supply levels, at the premium end, coming onto the
â–¡ New premium units entering the market are, to some extent,
offset by older stock exiting the market, thus compounding this
feature of the industry in 2014/2015
â–¡ Therefore we are seeing notable competition occurring for
residents at the premium end of the market and falling supply
levels at the lower end
• Increasing age that residents are entering retirement village -
short-term demand delays
• Increased competition in the listed operators market: the addition
of Arvida Group (ARV)

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The 2014 NZRVD highlights the remarkable opportunities for growth and expansion within the retirement village industry, with few signs of an oversupply and indicators of strong current and future demand. Several factors however, should be considered in order to gain a comprehensive understanding of the market and prevent localised over-supply and the development of poorly conceived product in inappropriate locations.

The NZRVD and JLL’s Valuation and Research and Consulting teams provide the tools needed to gain an understanding of the market, competition and other relevant factors needed to help ensure a fruitful development.